Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Catch Up

My life became a little crazy in November and then threw me into a wall in December....but is now calming down.
In November I found and purchased my first home. I found a little townhouse and moved in mid-November. Around the first of December I became extremely ill with a "possible" diagnosis of diverticulitis, which was officially confirmed the first of this month and was finally given instsructions/guidelines on how to heal and proceed from here.
Moving on to the fun stuff....I picked up a few Prairie Schooler patterns:

Very excited about these patterns!

And (drum roll, please) I have two stitching finishes...




  1. Good to hear from you and nice finishes!

  2. Hello Deb,

    I just googled on the diverticulitis, I had never heard of it. I am sorry you were so ill and hope you're recovering quickly now. I read it can come back, brrr ... I hope it doesn't!
    I wish you lots of happy times in your new home. Happy stitching with your new patterns!!!

    Love, Carolien (who has finished Home of a Quikter, I'll post about it soon)

  3. Hi Debbie,

    How are you doing? Feeling better now? I hope so!!!

    I finally got the chance to show my finished 'Home of a Quilter' on my blog today. The flu reigned in the house ... It was great fun to stitch this pattern, thank you so much!!!

    Have a great weekend & hugs,