Friday, January 2, 2015

Looking forward to a new year.....

Things I want to work on this year:

1.     I took a crochet class in 2014 and I want to really work on it this year.
2.     EGA GCC Liesl-Schwalm - to start AND finish.
3.     Dad's sampler - this is an adaptation of a pattern that I purchased from The Sampler Girl. I want to have it finished by my 60th birthday next December. Emotionally, this has been a hard piece to start, but I want to hold it in my hand and stitch my memories of my Dad into it. I will show you the pattern once I start it.
4.     My smalls - I really enjoyed the Smalls SAL this past year and completed more stitching then I have in a long time.
5.     Assembling my smalls, and sewing in general.
6.     Hari-Kuyo Needlebook e-course - I bought this class from Susan at Plays with Needles when she originally introduced the class and I already have all of my materials and class notes.
7.     Ornament stitching for myself and possible exchanges with my sister Diana. I want the ornaments for my ornament tree that sits in my cubicle at work:

And of course, the words - there will be reading. I put a lot of thought into this list and for me is very doable.

later, deb


  1. it's that time of the year, uh.. let's focus on our resolutions and get as much stitching as we can handle :)
    Happy New Year, chiara

  2. Happy New Year, dear Debbie! May it be a very good and healthy ánd creative year!!! Your list is promising. Love that tree, by the way, how nice to do that at work.
    I certainly plan to stitch that lovely pattern of yours in 2015!

    have a nice day & Dutch greetings, Carolien