Friday, November 28, 2014

My final Stitch from Stash (I spent it all), Exchanges and Smalls SAL

First, a wonderful thank you to Heather. I was her secret giftee in the 2014 Xmas Ornament Exchange. She stitched this for me, and I just love it....

My partner has not yet received her gift as I was late mailing...but it is on its way. I will show you pictures once she has received. I stitched and finished her ornament in November so I have a finish for the Smalls SAL AND a Stitch from Stash and cannot show you as it was for the exchange......LOL.

And as the Stitch from Stash....well, I shopped and emptied my "balance". I ended October with a balance of $65.30, added our bonus of $50 and my November allowance of $25, which gave me a beginning balance for November of $140.30. I spent $174.00....which of course also included my December allowance of $25, which means I overspent $8.70 for the year. Let me show you what I purchased (heavy on pictures AND all pictures are from the sellers websites).

An Etsy seller that I really like is PinoyStitch. I have purchased quite a few patterns and two needle minders:

Hooties My Honey Bee
Hooties Thanksgiving
Hooties Year Round
Jane Eyre needle minder
Harry Potter needle minder
I also bought from CuoreeBatticuoreShop:

And from The Handicrafter:

And finally, from Lizzie Kate:

So, as you can see, I am spent out for the year, but luckily, my birthday is in December, so I am counting most of this as a present to myself.

later, deb

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  1. Love the ornament you received and can't wait to see the one you stitched too.