Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My weekend didn't end until last night....

So technically, I'm not too late, I hope. OK, first up is Stitch from Stash...and I only spent $5.00 on some DMC from Joann's. I started with $36.30 from August, added $25.00 and only spent $5.00, which gives me a carry over to October of $56.30. Here is what I worked on, which I did not finish; this is where I was:

And this is where I am now; like I said, not much stitching.

I did not finish any smalls again this month. I also did not get started on my Bee, so it is good that Diana worked on hers and made progress. I seem to have hit a wall with both my stitching and reading, but pulling myself out of it.

Thanks for reading, deb