Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August Stitch from Stash and other noteworthy news?????

OK, this has been a terrible month for me as far as spending....when I get stressed I do all the wrong things...I eat and I spend on needlework. So, I am going to call this my "free" month and not report how badly I did for the whole month....I did buy $14.47 in DMC floss for 3 (or is it 4) "bee" projects, but I ain't 'fessin up to anything else. And I will check with Mel to make sure that I am doing this correctly, because I do want to follow the rules.

Edited: I checked with Mel and my free month of August means that I do not get penalized for my spending, but I do not get the $25.00 for the month in carryover, so I will start September with my July ending balance of $36.30.

I worked on Prairie Schooler 2012 freebie (Halloween)...this is where I was:

and this is where I am as of a few days ago:

I am taking Friday as a day off in addition to our Monday Labor Day holiday, so I am hoping to get him finished this weekend. And the other noteworthy news is my sister Diana and I are going to do a personal SAL starting September 1 on one of our "bee" projects. I will get back with you on the details this weekend and will let you know which project, so if you would like to sal along with us (very informally) feel free.

later, deb

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  1. Hello Debbie
    Your work looks cute so far!!
    I hope everything goes well for you!
    I just published today my part, I'm late.. See you!!