Monday, April 28, 2014

April Stitch from Stash and Smalls SAL

I finished the Celtic Shamrock on Saturday while I spent time with the nephew....I am pleased how it turned out and will now put it in my to be assembled pile.....

I did not do any more stitching on the Prairie Schooler Halloween freebie, but I did go through my stack of patterns and stash and moved some Patriotic WIPs and a few older ones to my current stitching bag.

The Fallen by Kell Smurthwaite of KinKavel Krosses
When I picked this back up on Saturday evening I had only stitched the "en". This is a Memorial Day pattern and I really like it and hope to have it completed by the end of May. You may find it here. Kell also has many other great patterns that she both sells and gives as free patterns.

On the spending front, I had hoped to not spend anything this month. I spent $5.09 on supplies for a charity stitch for EGA. These supplies should allow me to do several Kissing Pillows. I do not have any pictures from my chapter, so I did not add a picture. My balance forward from March was $24.07. Adding in the $25.00 allowance for April and subtracting the $5.09 that I spent gives me a balance forward into May of $43.98. I think I did REALLY well for April.


  1. Good morning Debbie!

    Your finish is lovely and I like the background of your blog very much!
    Have a great day! Love, Carolien

  2. Nice finish! I have a "to be assembled pile" also.

  3. Hello Debbie,

    Are you all right? I read about floods in Florida, due to heavy rainfall. Looked pretty bad. I hope you're not in it!
    I'm glad you like my little something.

    Bye, Carolien

  4. you did brilliantly well, especially as the money you spent was for charity! Lovely stitching.

  5. p.s. did you know you had word verification on?

  6. Great finish and you did very well for April. Congrats!