Friday, November 22, 2013

What to do, what to do.....

I received my GAST last Friday, and was ready to stitch on Saturday when I happened to read the back of one of the tags on the threads. I was surprised to read that they recommend that you run each skein through hot water until the dyes stop fellow stitchers, do you "wash" your threads or not? Tallahassee is very humid (average of 70% or higher), and I do not want my finished work to "bleed". I do not intend to put this in a frame, but make it into a wall hanging.

So advice, please!!

Thanks, Debbie


  1. Hi Debbie -- yes I do rinse my hand dyed threads before I use them. I swish them around in a glass bowl changing the water until it is clear, so I can tell when the excess dye has been removed. Then I lay them out on paper towels to dry. And now this maybe heresy to some but I take the still damp thread and sandwich it between paper towels and iron it with my steam iron till it is pretty much dry.

    I had a bad experience with thread running on a finished project years ago so my measures may be a bit extreme. I've noticed that more of the hand dyed threads now say they are color fast and most are, but I've still had some dye release when I've rinsed them. Just want to be on the safe side.

    This is my way of dealing with the thread and I'm sure that other people have other techniques and ideas too.

    Happy stitching-

  2. I never realised that you could wash them. I only use them for smaller projects where they are unlikely to ever need washing and to be honest I don't use them too often.

  3. Hi Debbie,
    I'm south of you in Fort Lauderdale and I've never washed or rinsed the GAST fibers (or any other overdyed fibers) and I haven't had any problems with bleeding or running. However, the AC is running here just about year round so maybe I've just been "lucky" so far?? I'm interested to see what others say about this topic.

  4. I have never rinsed my threads and have not ever had a problem with bleeding of threads. I don't wash any finished projects usually because I use hand dyed fabrics. I live in Pensacola, so I know what you mean about humidity.

  5. I have never rinsed my threads. I think you should go with your gut feeling as you might regret it if you are worried about them bleeding.

    Hope you are well Debbie. I have been neglecting my blogs as life got a little nuts but am hoping to post regularly now. I only kept up a little on my book and food blog while I had no time for the other two.

    Hugs from Holland ~