Wednesday, November 21, 2012

IHSW update....

I actually stitched this weekend; not as much as I wanted as I was attending an officer/director brunch of my local EGA chapter. I am the incoming treasurer, so needed to attend. By the time we discussed business and ate, not much time for stitching.........

For Our Daily Bread, Thanks Be a freebie by Stitches 'N Stones 

I'm not sure about this piece as I am not sure the letters/words are legible, but I will work on it today (we got to leave work at 2PM....yay) and tonight.

I have been doing a lot more reading and am looking at upgrading my nook to the nook hd+ and have been told by my siblings that if I wait for Santa, I might get Barnes and Nobles gift cards, so trying to be patient. I have been to the store and drooled over it and almost purchased yesterday, but I called my sister and she talked me down from the wall.

Later my friends,

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  1. Your new start looks terrific. Good luck with the nook update.