Monday, October 29, 2012

late IHSW post

I got my camera out and everything set up to take pictures of my progress of 2 weekends ago....and my batteries are dead and I cannot find the spares. So, I will link you to what I worked on and see if I can find batteries tomorrow.......
First, primitive betty's 2012 Halloween freebie. I had started him, but did not like is orangey color, so ripped it out and re-started with a more pumpkin orange. I really like what he looks like. Second, I am working on z is for zombees (scroll down to the bottom) from The Dark Alphabet. I have a bee thing, and when I saw this, it just cracked me up and I had to stitch it. I have completed the gold and am now working on the bee bodies.
Hopefully, pictures later this week.

later my friends,

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