Monday, February 6, 2012

Stitch in Public and Crewel

I wanted to show you what I accomplished at out Stitch in Public day. I finished the stitching on the Christmas tag and just need to find the beads and finish it....

And I started a new Valentine's Day ornament. It is a freebie from luli that I found here.

And about the crewel...I have always admired people that are able to do crewel or surface embroidery. One of the ladies in my local EGA group has decided that she would like to be my crewel coach and tonight we had our first session. I love it. I am learning lots and I can actually see myself doing this in addition to cross stitch. And I learned that crewel and surface embroidery are actually two different types of work. Crewel is always done with wool and surface embroidery is done with any other type of fiber. My teacher just received her Master Craftsman designation in Crewel Embroidery from the EGA, and believe me, her work is just exquisite.

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