Thursday, December 29, 2011

Confession is good for the soul????

Well, since Anna is and Donna did, I am going to show you mine in hopes of shaming myself into a clean-up/purge this weekend. This is why I have not done any finishing on my completed stitching. My office/sewing/craft room:

This is my cutting table that opens up to 6 feet.

This is my sewing table.

Fabric that surrounds and is underneath sewing table that needs to be stored.

This is the stuff in front of the cutting table. The boxes contain stuff that I have sorted, but never put in its proper place.

This is my desk (don't you just love my keyboard tray!!), and to the right, more stuff to sort and put away.
I think the reason I don't stitch or sew is the mess in this room just paralyzes me at times---but it's time to get over myself and just do it. Wish me luck----please!!!


  1. Good luck. It's got to be easier than my project--you can see the floor! :)

  2. Luck! And then you can come help me clean up my mess. Oh and bring that fabulous wire tree with you so I can steal

    I am continuing my UFO challenge to myself this year so I hope my mess will start to clean itself up as I finish all those project I sit around all over my studio.

    Wishing you a happy and very creative 2012!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  3. That's not too bad! Hope to see pics of a reorganized space soon!! (I have the same TJMaxx bag - love it!)

  4. It really doesn't look that bad, you've got more guts than I do though....