Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stash and a Royal Gift

I am a royal watcher--I will admit it and am not ashamed of the fact. So is my sister Diana, of the quilt making fame.  So when the president of my local office had to go to London last week for meetings, I walked into his office and asked for a wedding mug as a souvenir. I asked knowing that it would not happen---until he walked to my desk and handed me this!!
William and Kate wedding mug

As for the stash, I found a great site for OOP patterns, a1craftpatterns. I had been looking for CEC's Remember Me and Theron Tradition's Heartfelt Sentiments. I found both and also found Stitches from the Heartland's White Twigmas.
Cross Eyed Cricket Remember Me
Theron Traditions Heartfelt Sentiments

Stitches from the Heartland White Twigmas

Her prices were very good and I received my order quickly. If you are having a hard time finding a pattern, I would recommend using her. I also bought bought some old books from EGA. In a recent newsletter that I received from them it mentioned that they had reorganized their lending library and had opened an Amazon store to sell off the duplicate items.....well I clicked so fast it made my keyboard spin. I found each of these items for $1.99 each and received them in about 4 days, which included this weekend.

Needlework Alphabets and Designs edited by Blanche Cirker
Needlepoint Insignia of the Armed Forces by Dora Ann Goble

Blue and White: The Cotton Embroideries of Rural China by Muriel Baker and Margaret Lunt

I am very pleased with all of my purchases and plan on doing some stitching tomorrow night.

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  1. Thanks so much Debbie :-)
    I really hope you'll stitch my pin pillow, and please let me have the photo :-))))

    The Primitive Hare