Sunday, January 9, 2011

for Diana

One of my sisters, Diana, was organizing and cleaning her sewing room yesterday. I told her how I now stored my sewing fabric and she asked me to post pictures, so here they are.
This is the shelf that contains 99% of my fabric. I have sorted by colors, with the exception of clothing fabric, the fabrics that I use for totes and bags, and my holiday fabrics. They are sorted as clothes, totes and bags, Christmas and other holidays. As I am a blue girl, I have a lot of fabric in the blue family so it gets the largest container, along with the Christmas that is in another space. The other bins have 2 or more colors combined.
 This is a closer look at some of the bins.
And this shows my labeling, which is very simple. I found a fun font, printed everything as a Word document. I then cut out each label and stuck it inside the bin. This way it is visible and I can change things if I need to.

Diana, hope this helps. :)

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  1. Yes, great idea since I have lots of totes but have never thought to label them for easier use...thank you, would like to fix my by the end of January.