Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crazy January Challenge 2011 - modified

I am going to do this challenge on my own as I am modifying it...I have so many things already started that I cannot start anything else until I finish stitching something. So I am picking 15 WIPS already in progress with the goal of finishing them by 12/31/2011. A few are gifts, so this will be motivation to get the needle in gear. I am working on my list and have found 12 projects, just need to narrow down the last 3. One is a BAP, so trying to keep those to a minimum. Here is the link for the challenge: Crazy January Challenge 2011.

Edited @12:01am

Here is my list:
1                 Funny Bones Halloween kit – at least 2 years old
2                 Meaning of name sampler for 1 of my nephews (started at least 10 years ago; this will be 2011 birthday gift to him when completed)
3                 Heart’s Kontent Sewing Case - EGA class in Austin, begun in 2000 (maybe earlier?)
4                 Victorian Christmas ornament from The World of Cross Stitch Issue 158 – began this last year
5                 Bent Creek Zippies – I love My Country – started last year
6                 BBD Petites Lettres Rouges – started when they gave us this freebie – last year?
7                 Dragon bookmark for nephew A – there is just no excuse for this one, could have finished in a day
8                 Silk Ribbon embroidery – yellow rose – EGA class here in Tallahassee – last year?
9                 Willow Wall Hanging – I don’t even remember which magazine this came from, but started probably 25 (that’s right!!) years ago
10              Springtime Flowers crewel kit – the only needlework gift from my son (probably because I did not finish it!!) – over 15 years old
11              Needleprint Beatrix Potter sampler – started 2 years ago – this will be the BAP of the year, I think
12              Regal Redwork Ornament – EGA class in Austin, begun in 2000
13              Intro to Cutwork – EGA class in Tallahassee, started in 2008?
14              Filet Lace Thimble – EGA class in Tallahassee, started in 2008?
15              And 1 new project – Shepherd’s Bush Star


  1. I'm like you I've joined but I'm modifying it as well. I've picked 3 big WIP and have add 12 new starts. I don't really think it matters as long as we get our goals accomplished, thats how I think any way. Looking forward to watching your 15 get finished.

  2. I agree - I need to focus on WIPs much more than new starts. Love your list - you've got some wonderful choices there!

  3. Ahhh yes this is like the one Jayne has done, The Flippin Crazy January Challenge where you pick 15 wips so you won't be on your own. All the best at getting in some finishes. x

  4. Okay,thanks for this reminder, I'll see what I can do in 2011 too.

  5. Happy new year and best of luck with the Crazy January Challenge (I'm taking part too).

  6. Hello Debbie,

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! That was pleasant surprise!
    I catched up with your blog, nice to do that again. I enjoyed your Christmas present so much, told our girls to come and have a look. They loved it too.
    Good luck with your challenge for 2011 and see you next time! Hugs, Carolien

  7. Sorry, I meant: Christmas surprise ...
    I am curious how your quilt will be :)