Sunday, August 15, 2010


First, a housewarming gift from my sister A (no blog). I have wanted one of these pots for as long as I have been cooking (decades!!).

Isn't she pretty!!!

She also bought me this set of bathroom dispensers--I also have the matching hand towels, but could not get a good picture.

This is a plaque that I found in at Goodwill. I love the saying and thought it would be nice hanging near my entry.

And last for today, but not least, a washcloth from my sister Diana (she has made me other ones, but they are in the laundry--this is a picture she sent me of another one that is on its way)


  1. Wonderful gifts! You will love that pot.

  2. What wonderful things to receive as gifts. I love your MS pot! I have often looked at a French version of these here in Holland but cannot have them as they are far too heavy for me. Have fun cooking in yours!

    I love your dishcloth! I have a thing for them as my aunt used to make them for me but she passed away. I am attempting to make one now with crochet but it pales compared to the beauty of the one your sister made.

    Hugs from Holland ~