Thursday, July 1, 2010


One of the ladies I work with has just inherited some beautiful antique jewelry. One of the pieces is a brooch that you use for a teeny, tiny piece of needlework. She has asked me to stitch a flower for her. I have been stitching for years, so I'm not afraid to try, but unsure. Would you recommend 40 count linen or silk gauze? With the gauze, would I have to stitch a "background"? Any response would be appreciated?



  1. If you used the gauze you would definately have to stitch a background, i think the 40 ct fabric would be best. How little is the pin?

  2. I measured the opening and I have room for about 1x1 1/2. It is an exquisite brooch. I ordered the linen and it's due in soon and she picked a pattern from my "library" of stitching books LOL. I guess I need to get my magnifiers polished/!!!