Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Fab Giveaway

It must be the season for giveaways, or we are all doing some destashing (maybe to make room for some shopping!!). Here is one from Susan at Afford Your Passions.
I still haven't found my camera, but am making lots of progress at unpacking and filling my Goodwill boxes (have two in progress in the front hall). Unfortunately, I have not picked up needle or thread in at least a month. Not happy about that, but I think maybe this week. I have lots of ideas for stitching for my bedroom that involves all things "bumble" (our name for bees). I already want this design from Donna. I already have some designs in my stash, so will work on those for a while. I have started multiple books, so click on my goodreads link and see what I am up to.

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