Thursday, February 4, 2010

the Words part

I just discovered this morning that one of my favorite authors is publishing book 10 in her Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes suspense series.  The author is Laurie R. King and I found her books quite by accident. I was taking a computer class in between jobs about 9 years ago and the computer instructor and I started chatting about books before class.  She let me borrow book 1, and I was immediately hooked. Ms. King writes with a voice very similar in style to Conan Doyle, which makes the books very enjoyable to me.  She has added a twist, which is to add a new partner to the Holmes/Watson duet.  If you like the Holmes genre, you will love this series. I have pre-ordered the new book on Amazon.


  1. I just put the first book in this series on my "to read" list. They sound really good. I love Holmes and Doyle's style - these sound fantastic!

  2. Thanks for your comment about the Chihulys. He is one of my favorite artists, and I'm so glad you had the opportunity to see some of his pieces in person. If you sift through my cozystyle blog, I've got photos of several of his pieces - some in Miami and some at the Oklahoma Museum of Art. Oh, and I think there may be one in my cozyegg blog from Philadelphia, and one that is at my former employer's building.