Sunday, April 20, 2014

Blessed Easter

to you and your family......and may the easter bunny leave you lots of goodies...

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Here are the progress pictures of my current WIPs:

St. Patrick 09 freebie from AuryTM

Prairie Schooler 2012 freebie (Halloween)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March Stitch from Stash and Smalls SAL

Well, I started with a carryover from February of $29.02 and adding the allowance for March that gave me $54.02. I spent $29.95 (magazine subscription, fabric and needle threaders), which leaves me a carryover to April of $24.07. I showed you my finish on my post of March 18th. That finish and what I am currently working on (same post) was all from stash. My goal for April is NO STASHING!!! I have gotten more stitching done, but will get photos tomorrow evening as I have to re-charge my camera.....

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Follow up.....

to this post about washing/rinsing threads. If you remember I told you that the manufacturer recommended rinsing with hot water to remove excess dye. Here is one of the tags...

I decided today was the day. I held each skein under very hot running water, gently squeezed to remove the excess, blotted dry with a paper towel and laid out on an old terry towel to start the drying process....

I left them on the old terry towel for about 1 hour and then transferred to our indoor drying rack where I will leave them for the rest of the day...

I was very pleased to see all of the colors rinsed out excess dyes with any of them...and the paper towel and old terry towel had no staining. Once they are dry, I can get back to stitching Mary's Sampler by Plum Street Samplers.

I will see you later this weekend for IHSW, Stitch from Stash, and Smalls SAL updates.

P.S. - Don't you love my Mom's curtains!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A finish and two new starts.....

Signing up for two SALS seems to have really helped my stitching this year. I finished Irish Shamrock from The Primitive Hare last week and here is a picture...

I think it needs a button, so will have to dig through my stash to see what I have.  I am now working on St. Patrick 09, a freebie from AuryTM. I believe that she has taken this link down as I was not able to find is a quakerish shamrock.

And I am also working on a Prairie Schooler Halloween freebie from 2012...I call it Boo, as I do not know the actual name and it also is no longer linked.

I have been doing most of my stitching during the second half of my lunch hour at work, which has been very nice as it helps with my stress levels. I hope to have another finish soon.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What I am working on now...


This is Irish Shamrock from The Primitive Hare. This is my stitching from 2 lunch hours this week. I am using the recommended DMC and I like this shade of green, which is not very accurate in my picture. After I finish this small, I think I will pick up one of my WIPs.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stitch from Stash and Smalls SAL February

I finished these:
A Wee Bit Irish on 14ct Aida using DMC threads

Chocolate Crunch Love on 14ct Aida using DMC threads

And even though I stitched from my stash, I caved and went shopping:

The button craft books were 79 cents each and the remaining magazines were 99 cents each, all purchased at Goodwill. I also bought about 20 skeins of DMC for a project (I thought I owned all of the colors!). I had a carryover from January of $18.75, spent $14.73 in February which will leave me a balance of $29.02 to carryover into March. This does not include the special allowance for Nashville market, where I spent $33.60.

EDITED: I just noticed that I forgot to "dot my I" (2 actually) in the Wee Irish piece, so I guess I am not actually done with that one......